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These pages list the OOC rules for the setting as well as the chat itself. Use the links below to learn more about the various rules we use.

Character Creation Character Creation

Everything you need to know to create your own character and start playing.

Rules Overview Rules Overview

This page lists a general overview of the rules without going into too much detail.

Character Options Character Options

Comprehensive lists of feats, classes, spells, etc. that are used here.

Houserules Houserules

All Houserules that deviate from the regular D20 rules.

Player Housing Player Housing

Rules for creating your very own house.

Player Businesses Player Businesses

Rules for creating and running a business in Duirt.

Meta Rules Meta Rules

OOC Rules and rules that apply to rules themselves.

Tools Manuals Tool Manuals

Explanation on how the various tools on the site work.

The Monster Horde The Monster Horde

Special rules for monster PCs!