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Shopping on Novus Utum works mostly identical to regular D&D campaigns, with a few exceptions.


All items from the Players Handbook are available for purchase in Duirt. Additionally, some magic items may be purchased from the Dungeon Master Guide, as detailed below.

Certain factions or nations may have additional items available for purchase for their members or nationals.

Selling Equipment and Goods

When selling equipment and goods on the open market, characters get 25% of that items value, rather than the standard 50%. It is encouraged players trade with other players instead, if at all possible.

The exception to this are Gems, Trade Goods and Real Estate. These sell for 100% of their market value.

Weapons and Armour

Any free person may purchase weapons and armour for their own use, including spares. However, governments quickly get suspicious of individuals who stockpile or hoard weapons and armour, wondering what they want with, say, 50 longswords. If you purchase large quantities of weapons, your character may risk being “randomly” arrested and having their residence searched and items confiscated.

Siege Equipment

Owning siege equipment, such as catapults, ballista's and trebuchets, is a crime. A portable battering ram from the PHB is not considered to be siege equipment and can be purchased freely.

Magic Items & Special Materials

Some Magic Items and Special Materials Items may be freely purchased in Novus Utum. Others are allowed in the setting, but cannot be purchased through vendors. Instead, they must be made by other players, acquired in adventures or purchased through storylines.

Note that Magic Item Crafting has special rules, and that there are options to make Customized Magic Items.

Special Materials

The following Special Materials may be purchased freely:

  • Adamantine Ammunition, Weapons, Shields and Light Armour
  • Darkwood
  • Cold Iron
  • Mithral Light and Medium Armour, Shields and other items weighing 12 lbs or less
  • Alchemical Silvered Items

Adamantine Medium and Heavy Armour, as well as Mithral Heavy Armour and Mithral items weighing more than 12 lbs are so expensive they are not generally available, but can be acquired through adventures or roleplay.

Dragonhide armour and shields are not available for purchase, though may be available through storylines, adventuring, from other players or on offer as a special event. Beyond this, a newly created character of level 8 or 9 may buy up to 1 dragonhide item (either an armour or shield, but not both).

Mithral makes an armour light only for purposes of qualifying for abilities and power, but not for proficiencies. This means Mithral Breastplate can be used by a ranger for their abilities, but they get penalties if they don't have Medium armour proficiency

Non-permanent Magic Items

The following non-permanent magic items are available freely:

  • Scrolls up to level 4
  • Potions of Level 1 and 2
  • Level 1 Wands

Scrolls, Potions and Wands beyond these levels, as well as Staffs, exist of course, but are not generally available as their XP cost limits production. They can be made by players following the normal Novus Utum rules for crafting magic items, and some factions may have extended access to such items. Additionally, they can be acquired by adventuring.

It should be noted that the mass purchase of such items draws the attention of government, who will be interested in knowing what you intend to do with, say, 10 scrolls of fireball.

Permanent Magic Items

Permanent Magic Items with a price up to 5000 gp (inclusive) may be purchased freely. Magic items costing more than this are not generally available, but can be acquired through adventuring and the likes. Only magic items from the Dungeon Master Guide and the Expanded Psionics Handbook are currently allowed.

Special Rule: Selling / Trading Magic Items

Mundane items (everyday items that have no MW quality or magical quality) are sold for 25% of their full price as standard chat policy

As a special rule, players can sell MW and Magical items for GOLD at 75% of their value.

MW and Magical items can also be swapped for other items of the same costs at equal value exchanged. If there is a difference in gold either way the player is allowed to make the difference up with gold from their surplus or the difference is sent back to their surplus.

* This option may be denied if the option is being abused (i.e. regularly trading out a flaming weapon for an ice weapon depending on the addy or similar shenanigans)