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Rules Overview

This page gives a very short overview of what rules are used for characters in Novus Utum and what significant houserules are in effect. If you are new and trying to create a character, you may benefit more from visiting the Character Creation page.

Novus Utum uses the rules from the Players Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Expanded Psionics Handbook, as well as parts of the Players Handbook 2, Complete Adventurer and Stormwrack. Characters start by using a 32 point buy system, and languages and favoured class are determined by Culture. Hit points for levels are half the dice average, rounded up (no rolls are made). We have our own Religions, which may affect cleric and paladin characters, and have different wealth progression than normal in D&D. Detailed character options can be found here.

You may retire your characters for new characters or make new ones at higher level. Novus-Utum no longer allows for the Transferring of Characters from other chats.

Generally though, we follow the regular D20 rules. If you know those, you can easily play on Novus Utum. If you don't, feel free to ask for help!

DM Guidelines

These are guidelines for DM's. They are not secret, but players cannot use them to lay claims to loot, experience, etc.