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Meta Rules

This page describes the meta rules used in Novus Utum. It covers rules that apply to players, rather than characters.


The going OOC language on Novus Utum is English (UK). Both the Metric and Imperial systems may be used, but units should always be included for the sake of clarity. We use the short scale for large numbers.

Rule Changes

Novus Utum was set up by people with many years of experience in roleplay, with the 3.5 rules and with chat roleplay in general. As such, we took efforts to balance everything carefully.

However, it is possible that mistakes have entered the system or that we want to make room for new idea's. If this is the case, we may apply changes to the game rules to fix those mistakes or make these new idea's possible.

When the DM team changes the rules, you always have a right to change your characters to compensate for the new changes. This is always done in agreement with the DM team, and we try to be as reasonable as possible - if a new prestige class becomes available, we have no issue with a level being changed or a few feats being swapped to allow you to access it, but of course you won't get to change your fighter into a wizard just because rogues got access to a new feat regarding sneak attack ^_^

Player Age

When you roleplay on Novus Utum, we presume that you are 18 years or older. If you are not, you must let the DM team and other players know so they can take this into account at the earliest opportunity.

Player vs Player

Novus Utum is a Player versus Environment setting. As such, it is not intended that player characters engage in the business of killing or stealing from other player characters, and the DM team may interfere should this happen.

In specific cases, a conflict may be resolved by combat or theft might take place, but this requires the presence of a DM and will be reviewed by the team afterwards.

Please remember that we as players and DM's are part of Novus Utum together. Unless in special circumstances, there is usually a better way to solve both In Character and Out of Character conflicts besides killing one another’s characters.


Players may have any number of characters, but PCs with oriental or contemporary names are not fitting for the setting and will not be sanctioned. If you are in doubt, please contact the DM team for help. To better explain this ruling Its Asian style characters like ninja's (we have rogues), samurai (we have paladins), Wu Jen (we have wizards) etc. that are the issue. Any name you choose that's not a contemporary name will be fine. Again, if you are in doubt please contact the DM team for assistance

At the bottom of the page is a “Legal Information” link. Please refer to it for any legal questions.

Rules Infractions

Novus Utum presumes that all players are here to play in good faith and with the goal of enjoying themselves while making sure everyone else is having fun as well. Sometimes disagreements can occur and that is fine, though to make sure things stay fun for all, it could be necessary for the DM team to step in. The way in which this is done depends on the situation, but we generally follow three steps. First, a verbal warning is given, usually via chat. If that does not help, a written warning will be sent via forum PM. Finally, a ban can be instituted in the most serious of circumstances. Should you disagree with a ruling, please contact the lead DM (Luci) and it will be reviewed.