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See also Income.

Lifestyle is primarily determined by job, and jobs come with certain obligations as to your lifestyle (you cannot very well be a mayor who lives in a crate, for example), but you have some options to live especially frugal or lavish for your position in society.

There are six levels of livelyhood that you can live:

Lifestyle Job Description
Self-sufficient - You hunt, grow and gather your own food, make your own necessities and if you can't make shoes, you don't have any. You sleep under the stars and bathe in puddles. Special: requires 5 ranks Survival
Dirt Poor Common Job You live in squalor, eating cheap meals and gathering extra's when you can. You sleep in a community area with 3-6 others and wash yourself from a bucket.
Meagre Skilled Labour You eat enough to fill your belly, and on occasion eat meat or drink wine. You share a room with a roommate or have your own tiny room. You wash yourself in a tub and wash your own clothing once a month
Comfortable Highly Skilled Labour You get three square meals a day, with meat or fish and drink wine or ale when you please. You have your own room with a proper tub to wash yourself and a washer woman cleans your clothes once a week
Luxurious Noble or Position You eat what you wish and how much you wish and have exotic meals on occasion, drink good wine and enjoy a smoke or perfume as the mood strikes. You have access to a warm and comfortable bath when you wish. You have your own rooms with a valet to clean it and help you dress. Your clothes are clean and pressed when you wake up each morning
Extravagant Royality You eat only the very best, often with exotic spices or variations as your mood strikes. You drink only the best wines, can smoke like a chimney if you wish and wear expensive perfumes as you desire. You have your own rooms with a valet and maids to tend to your every need and access to luxurious private baths. Your clothes are clean and pressed and your shoes are polished every morning when you wake up

By default any character who works a Common Job (unskilled labour) lives a Dirt Poor lifestyle, while skilled labour characters with at least 4 ranks in their skill of choice live a Meagre lifestyle. Skilled labourers with at least 10 ranks in their skill live a Comfortable lifestyle while all nobles and people with positions with the noble houses live a luxurious lifestyle.

Below or Above your means

Characters can live above or below their means, living more (or less) luxurious than their job allows. There are limits to this however - a mayor simply cannot live a meagre lifestyle without losing respect and through it their job and a common labourer simply cannot find a valet who would serve him in his luxurious lifestyle, even if they have money stashed away.

When living below your means, you live a lifestyle that is one spot lower on the table above. In exchange your income increases by 1 gp / week. Note that to be Self-Sufficient, a character needs to have at least 5 ranks in Survival.

Alternatively, you can live above your means, living a much more comfortable life than your peers. Your lifestyle moves up 1 rank in the table above. Doing so reduces your income to zero, however - you still pay all your bills but you no longer acquire income.