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[ Character Options ]

Duirt has a multitude of different languages, and Novus Utum does not follow the regular Players Handbook languages. Your base languages, as well as bonus languages, are determined by your Culture.

Each character starts with two languages. The first is Hodgepot, a lingua franka used in our city of Duirt, and the second is determined by your culture, South Ecclisic if you are Ecclesian, Silver if you are from the Silver Rain Republic, and West Voran if you are Voran.

Based on your intelligence bonus, you may get bonus languages. These MUST be chosen from the list of Bonus Languages on the Culture page. We do not allow exceptions to this, and you cannot reserve the slot for something else.

However, any points spent on the Speak Language skill can be used to learn languages from a wider set of choices. When picking languages from these points, you can choose a basic language or an advanced language from the lists below.

You are unrestricted except by slots available for basic languages. For advanced languages, you are limited to at most 1 advanced language at character creation. If you have an advanced language, you must additionally submit a character history to explain how you acquired it. You do not need to meet any requirements for advanced languages taken when you level up - it is presumed to be acquired during your adventures.

No matter how you got the slot, you cannot choose Secret Languages such as Dread or Druidic. These languages have special requirements (for example, to learn Druidic, you must be a Druid) and cannot normally be acquired at all.

Please take special note of this

  • Special: A cleric does not gain additional bonus languages as described in the Players Handbook.
  • Special: A druid does not get Sylvan as a bonus language, as described in the Players Handbook.

Any languages not on the lists below does not exist. We will add languages to this list as new ones are created.

Basic Languages

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Advanced Languages

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Secret Languages

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Characters in Novus Utum are literate, except for Barbarians and Commoners. You may choose to be Illiterate regardless of being a member of these classes. If you are illiterate by choice, rather than by class, you may become literate without spending skill points.

Literacy is applied across the board. A character is either literate in all languages they speak or in none at all.