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Characters in Novus Utum are not generally 'adventurers' by trade - such jobs are quite unstable - but instead work a regular job and thus acquire a regular income. A job comes with a certain level of lifestyle. This income is important as characters likewise maintain animals and dependants which cost money, as well as being liable for taxes and tolls.


There are three types of Jobs that a character can work, but you can work only a single job at a time. On average, jobs take about 6 days a week, 10 hours a day to complete. For purposes of adventures and roleplay, we presume this time happens when PC's are not being roleplayed, though you may of course roleplay working your job.


Your Lifestyle is determined by your job. Employers often make housing available and wages are calculated after the basic costs of living such as regular taxes and food. Lifestyle does not include clothing, which is purchased instead.

Other Income

There are other sources of income as well: stipends paid by noble families and player businesses.


Dependants are people who do not generate an income on their own but who instead depend on another character to pay for their livelihood. For each adult who relies on your character in this manner, you must pay 1 gp / week to maintain them at your own lifestyle. Children who have not yet reached the age of majority instead cost 0.5 gp / week.

Besides humanoid dependants many characters will keep animals. These animals may include mounts, pets, familiars, animal companions and special mounts. Though it is presumed the character takes care of these, these animals require stabling, food and occasionally medical care. Their cost is listed on the Pets page.

Final Income

After taking all sources of income, as well as all weekly costs for dependants and pets into account, your character may keep whatever money remains. If this is a negative number, their gold supply will drain steadily over time.