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Customized Magic Items

See also Magic Item Crafting

In Novus Utum, only magic items from the Dungeon Master Guide and Expanded Psionics Handbook are allowed. However, we allow for extensive customization of these magic items, to better suit the needs of your character. This section describes how your magic items might be customized.


Magic items may vary widely in appearance. For example, a pair of Boots of Elvenkind might be practical brown foresters boots, or elegant grey ladies boots with high heels. The magic items sold by NPCs always take the form described in their relevant source book (though DMs may allow occasional exceptions), and you may vary the details as you choose within that description.

However, the variance in appearance for magic items may go a lot further. Those same boots might take the shape of a pair of sandals, and even a hat, a pair of breeches, a necklace, hairpin or even a porcelain cat. When you Craft a Magic Item yourself, you are at full liberty to decide what shape the magic item takes, and if you are crafting for another character, you probably want to follow their desired description.

It is important to note that though the appearance of the magic item may change, the actual properties of the item do not. Boots of Elvenkind will still grant a +5 competence bonus on Move Silently checks.

More importantly, even if they are shaped as a necklace, hairpin or porcelain cat, those same boots will still take up the boots slot on the body. This means that Boots of Elvenkind shaped as a Necklace will -not- take up a neck slot, and can thus be combined with an Amulet of Health, but not with Boots of Levitation.

Final note: though magic items can have any appearance, please note that they cannot transform at will, unless the item specifically says it can in the relevant item description. Magic items may have any form, but that form is set.


Novus Utum follows the regular rules regarding the size of magic items. This means magic items in principle resize to fit their wearer, though armours and weapons stay within their assigned size category in principle. Sizing is not always perfect. If you think it would be fun to roleplay having a pair of magic boots which are too small in size, it is your prerogative to decide that the normal magic item resizing doesn't work for you as intended.

Combined Magic Items

Multiple magic items can be combined into a single custom item. For example, you could combine an Amulet of Natural Armour +1 and a Ring of Protection +1 to create an item that gives a +1 natural armour bonus (from the amulet) as well as a +1 deflection bonus (from the ring).

Such a combined item is in all ways identical to the two items separately. It would take up the neck slot and one ring slot (and thus couldn't be combined with an Amulet of Health). If the items are use activated, you can still only activate one use at a time, as if you had two separate items. Since no additional powers or body slots are gained, such an item would cost the same, 4000 gp in the case of our example (2000 for the amulet, and 2000 for the ring).

For purposes of game rules, the only difference between a combined item and two separate items would be in the shape of the item in the physical world.

Important note: it is not possible to combine items that could not normally be worn together. For example, you cannot combine an Amulet of Natural Armour +1 and an Amulet of Health +1, as these take up the same magic item slot. The items would not work together if worn separately, so they do not work together if combined as a singular item.

Customizing existing Items

When you discover a magic item during your adventures, it usually follows the standard appearance as it is described in the relevant source book. The DM may of course decide that an item looks different instead, in which case their description goes.

It is possible to change the appearance of a magic item, to combine existing magic items into a combined magic item (see above), or to split up an existing magic item into two separate items. This can be done by any character capable of crafting the magic items involved (see also Magic Item Crafting). In general, NPCs do not do this type of work, so you should try to get a PC to do it for you. DMs may allow exceptions to this as they see fit.

Customizing an existing magic item takes one day and requires materials that are present in the new item but not in the old one. The cost of this is usually zero, though especially expensive materials may have a higher cost (for example, when adding diamonds to a necklace, you need to provide the diamonds). Any costly materials used increase the value of the magic item accordingly.

Once the work is done, please contact a DM to have them make adjustments to your character sheet according to the new changes.

Custom Magic Items

Novus Utum allows you to customize your magic items as well as combine them. It does not, however, allow you to create custom magic items with unique effects not normally available. This means the DMG rules for creating custom magic items do not apply. For example, a ring of true strike which gives a permanent +20 to hit is not allowed (which is obviously overpowered), but neither would a ring which allows create water once per day (which is obviously not). Because “balance” is always a judgement call and we have many DMs and players, we avoid telling one player “yes” for what they believe is a perfectly reasonably item while telling another “no” for what they believe is a perfectly reasonable item by not allowing either.

Notation on your Sheet

Due to technical limitations, magic items are noted on your sheet as the original items from their relevant books, whether combined with other items or given a custom appearance. Thus, your Boots of Elvenkind necklace will be noted as Boots of Elvenkind. This is a technical necessity, because if we don't, it would be impossible to determine the bonuses granted by your items. The DM team will make a minor note of the custom appearance in your equipment notes, as well as listing any combined magic items.

If you wish, you may describe the details of the custom appearance of your item on your character page in the wiki.