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Crystal Items

[ Houserules ]

Novus Utum has some special rules regarding items made of Mundane or Deep Crystal items.

Mundane Crystal items are treated for price and stats as masterwork items, as per the rules, but items of such a rare material CANNOT be purchased. They may only be found through adventuring. They can be sold under the normal rules. Working the raw material requires at least 10 ranks in the appropriate craft skill as well as 5 ranks in either Knowledge: Psionics or Psicraft / Spellcraft. Regardless they are extremely rare.

Deep Crystal items (in practice only weapons) are even more rare, and like mundane crystal items CANNOT be purchased, only found through adventuring.

Novus Utum adventures feature fewer encounters than tabletop adventures, making powerpoints more abundantly available to psionic characters. Therefore we have an additional houserule for Deep Crystal items: its power may be used only 1x / day for every 3 ranks in Psicraft / Spellcraft the character has. It still requires powerpoints as normal.