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This page explains how the chat itself works. For details on how to use the dice rollers, see Dice Roller

The chat is a central part of Novus Utum, as it is where most of the roleplay and interaction happens. You can enter the chat after logging in by clicking the Chat link in the menu bar above, or by clicking here.

Once you enter the chat you will be in the OOC Lobby. Often you can find people here who can help you, but if not, simply stick around for a bit and they will join eventually.

You can chat simply by typing in the text area at the bottom of the screen. Should you experience any difficulty, feel free to ask for help on the Forum or to file a Bug Report.

Players List

  • Send a PM to this user
  • View the wiki page of this character 1)
  • Links to the character editor for that character 2)
  • Links to view your character sheet 3)
  • : Join this user in whatever room they are currently in 4)

The leftmost tab in the right menu is the Players tab. It lists all players which are in the room with you as well as those who are on the chat in different rooms.

When you click a player, a small menu opens, which can list various different icons. By hovering over the icon you can see what they do. For your convenience, we list the possible icons on the right, though not all characters will have all icons (it depends on what type of account they are and what type you are).

All links open in a new tab.

Basic Special Posting Options

The chat has some special options to allow you to post non-standard text, and follows the same conventions as the forum. For example, you can make your text bold, post images and mark your comments as OOC comments. Usually, this is done by enclosing the text you want to mark with an open and a close marker. In many cases, you can combine markers, for example, if you type [b][u]Text[/u][/b] the text will be both bold and underlined.

  • Bold: [b]Text that should be bold[/b]
  • Italic: [i]Text that should be in italics[/i]
  • Underline: [u]Text that should be underlined[/u]
  • Post an image: [img]URL to the image[/img] 5)
  • OOC text: [ooc]Text to be marked as OOC[/ooc] OR 6)
  • Post a piece of paper is done with this command.[size=150][center][paper=1] [/paper][/center][/size] using Scroll instead of Paper will give you a scroll. Paper=1 denotes the type of writing you see.
  • Posting a book in chat or on Forums is done with this command: [book=1]Text on left page[spine]Text on right page[/book]
  • To post Time clear of all zones use the following command. [Time]13:00[/time] This will post a underlined time that will show for the viewer their correct time.

Note that all URLs (hyperlinks) which are not used in one the special options above are automatically converted into clickable links that open in a new tab.

Moving Rooms

Rooms are used in Novus Utum to represent the geographical area's within the city, thereby allowing people who are in the same area to interact easily.

The Rooms tab in the right menu of the chat shows a long list of the many areas and sites within the city. At the top, the OOC Lobby is listed, which is where users enter the chat and where you can hang out and chat with your fellow players. Below that are any manually created rooms (see below) followed by the different area's in the city, divided by quarter. At the bottom are area's which are outside of the city. Each entry has a link to the related wiki page (though manual rooms may not have a matching page).

To enter a room, simply click on the room you want to go to and you will automatically move there. Upon entering a standard room, you will be provided with a PM listing a short description of the room you just entered, as well as a link to the wiki and - if it lies within the city - a link to the map where it is lit up so you can see where it is within the city.

You can also enter a room by clicking the link left by people when they move to a room (which causes you to follow them) or by clicking the door icon after opening the player menu in the “Players” tab in the right menu (which causes you to join them in their room). If they don't have this icon, its because you are already in the room with them.

Note: It is possible to get your own permanent room within the city when you purchase a residence! For details, see Player Housing.

Creating Rooms

The create room pop-up

Besides using the many existing rooms, you can also create new rooms manually - this is often appropriate if you go into a smaller separate area such as a house or room where people outside cannot interact with you easily or if you want some privacy.

The Create Room option can be found under the tools menu in the right menu bar. When you first open the pop-up, the Create button is disabled, as it is not possible to create a new room which does not have a name. As soon as you type up a name in the Room name field, it will be automatically enabled.

Note: If you create a room, you will be immediately moved to that room.

Changing Characters

The change character pop-up

The Change Character pop-up in the chat allows you to switch the character you are using for roleplay. You can open the pop-up by clicking the 'Change Character' menu option in the Tools menu of the chat. Upon opening the pop-up, you should see a list of your characters, their avatars displayed above their names.

One of these names will be highlighted green - this indicates that is your player account. DM's use blue instead of green. Black names represent sanctioned characters which you can readily play, orange names require DM attention (though you can switch to them regardless).

Select a name by clicking on their icon. You will then automatically be switched to that character.

Important note: When someone switches characters, PMs are no longer directed to them (since they are directed at the character they were before). This is a bug, and will be fixed in the future.

Advanced Special Posting Options

Listed below are some advanced special posting options for the chat. Recommended for advanced users only.

  • Post a hyperlink with a different text displayed: [url={Your URL}]text to be displayed[/url]. Note that you -must not- include the curly brackets.
  • Center your text: [center]Text to be center aligned[/center]
  • Right floating text: [right]Text to be aligned towards the right instead of the left[/right]
  • Coloured text: [color={your color}]Text to be coloured[/color]. Note that you -must not- include the curly brackets. You can use any web-color names as well as a 6 letter code (like FFFFFF to indicate white). For details on all available colours, see here
  • Bigger or smaller text: [size={Number}]Text to be big or small[/size]. The number you replace can be between 0 and 299. 100 is the default size, 299 is extremely big and anything smaller than 50 is in practice impossible to read.
  • Link to a wiki page: [wiki]Name of the wiki page[/wiki]
  • Link to a rules page: [rules]Name of the rules page[/rules]
  • Marked Lists: [list][*]List item 1[*]List item 2[/list] - you can also use numbered lists by using [list=1], roman numerals lower case and upper case with [list=i] or [list=I] and lower and uppercase letters with [list=a] and [list=A] instead of the regular [list]. To nest lists, simply include a new list as one of the list items.
  • Citations: [quote]Text you want to cite[/quote]. You can also list the source by using [quote=“{name to cite}”] instead of [quote]. Note that you -must not- include the curly brackets then, but you -must- include the quotation marks.
  • Hover text: [hover=“{text on mouse-over}”]Text displayed[/hover]. Puts a dashed line under the text and displays the mouse-over text on a mouse hover. Note that you -must not- include the curly brackets then, but you -must- include the quotation marks.
  • Room link: [room]Name of room[/room] creates a link that when clicked moves you to that room.
  • Map link: [map]Location Name[/map] creates a link to highlight a location on the map. Only works for standard existing rooms
Only displayed for sanctioned characters
Displayed for all unsanctioned characters, as well as for all sanctioned characters if you are a DM
Only displayed for your own sanctioned character
Displayed for any user in a different room
Note that your image must be available online and must be an image, not a page containing the image.
Text to be marked as OOC