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Change your avatar

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The Avatar Editing page in the User Control Panel

Setting avatars for your player account and your various characters is relatively easy once you know how!

First find an image you want to use as your avatar and download it to your computer. It is best if your avatar is a square image of 300 by 300 pixels - to prevent lag, avatars bigger than this are not allowed. If you need to, you can use your favourite image editing software to resize or crop your avatar to the correct size, or use this website. Note that we are not affiliated with that site, we just found it on Google.

Once you have the image, go to the main site, log in and switch to the character or account you want to set the avatar for by selecting them from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner. In the same menu browse to the User Control Panel. You will now be taken to a page with some odd information about your profile (We'll be changing that later). In the menu on the right is the option “Edit Avatar”. There, you can upload your avatar.

Common issues

My avatar image isn't changing! If you uploaded your avatar to the server after previously uploading a different one, your browser might be caching the avatar. Pressing CTRL+F5 anywhere will fix this.

My avatar image -still- isn't changing, though other users can see the correct image! In some cases, your provide may cache images to save on international bandwidth cost. In this case, there's not much else to do but wait a few days, as the issue will resolve itself automatically.

The above issues are known bugs, and will be fixed eventually by a new avatar method, but for now this should do for most people. If you are experiencing trouble or need help resizing your image, please let us know!