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Bug Report

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Novus Utum is constantly developing new tools and options to help make everything easier and more awesome, but we do so in our spare time and we don't have the money to hire professional testers. This is why we need your help to solve any issues that you may encounter.

If you see something that seems out of place, which does not work, which produces an error, is misaligned, has a wrong value or which otherwise seems erroneous, please file a bug report!

To file a bug report, simply make a post on the Technical Forum. For your convenience, here's a direct link to post there (requires you are logged in):

Once your bug report is filed, we will examine the bug and attempt to reproduce and solve it. Please keep an eye on the thread you created in the forum, as we may ask additional questions.

What to include in a bug report?

We will often ask the following questions, so it helps if you can answer them right away:

  • Where did the bug occur?
  • What were you trying to do? (what exact steps did you take before the bug?)
  • Exactly what happened? (a screenshot can be very helpful here - you can upload one on the wiki)
  • What do you believe should have happened instead?
  • Was there an error message and if so, what did it say?
  • What browser are you using, and what version of that browser?
  • Does the error occur on other browsers you try?

Quick help for common bugs

Your browser is pretty smart and tries not to flood your internet connection by constantly requesting information it already has. If you recently opened a page, it will remember what the site looked like a while back and show you that.

Since we are constantly developing, when trying out new feature, or when you are using an existing feature which we fiddled with, it may be necessary for you to clear your browsers memory on the page which hosts the tool you are using. In this case, pressing CTRL + F5 at the same time may help (regular F5 and the refresh button on your browser menu are -not- going to help. It has to be CTRL + F5).

Comment by Luci: Hitting CTRL+F5 is some sort of arcane magic which fixes a lot of bugs instantaneously. I suspect voodoo may be involved. Regardless, it works