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Location Zandara
Description Capital city of North Vorus, located on the Voran Mainland
Part of North Vorus

Zandara, Capital city of North Vorus sits on the mainland, far north very nearly 1000 miles away from Duirt. The people here are ruled by a Thadius Turdy, brother of Reginald Turdy. The Capital has two Councils to aide the King, one of high level mages, the other of high level psions. Once a ruling is reached it then goes to the King himself to look over and decide. Thus His ruling is then sent to the Councils and that is then distributed through the kingdom.

The capital is a beauty to behold, a Metropolis; it has a staggering population. Many of the people that live here are connected to magic in some way or another so it is not unusual to see someone flying around or a teleportation or two. A-lot of the people are dressed in very elegant clothing, a few are actually noble but many just dress fancy to blend in and the art of Dressing Up is all the rage in the Capital.

Much of the center of the city is a large beautiful Ivory fountain featuring a Mermaid pouring a pitcher of water into the basin. Couples can be seen sitting on the edge admiring the beauty of the water. Children can also be seen splashing each other in the cool water, though it is not allowed to actually swim in.

A large market dominates the center of the city where anything can be bought, sold or traded. Slavery is a huge market as well, but here the slaves are treated very well, in many cases the poor will willingly sell themselves into slavery to have a better life. For this reason visitors to the Capital almost never seen homeless or the poor wandering the streets. The streets here are kept in near perfect conditions as the mages use magic to treat everything to be like new.

The palace dominate the city Skyline as it is the biggest building one has ever seen. It appears at first glance to be made of gold but this is illusion. Guards posted in outside stand at attention and do not let citizens too close without proper notification. A magical field around the palace prevents scrying and entry by teleportation. Any trying to force their way inside will be imprisoned for a very long time.


Before being split into North and South Vorus, Zandara was the capital of Vorus proper. King Raithul Turdy the 3rd was a human man of nearly 100 years of age, he ruled the kingdom for very close to 70 years passed away last year a pair of statues was erected of him and his wife in the Market Square. His sons; fraternal twins, Thadius Turdy and Reginald Turdy ruled the kingdom as one ruler sharing the Throne for a while, but the situation did not last. No-one agrees just who was born first as the original records was destroyed in a fire 30 years ago. The resulting civil war split the country in two.