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The City of Duirt

Novus Utum is focussed around the city of Duirt, a large city along the southern coast of the island of Urt. The city lies at the border between three nations.

On the east side lies South Vorus, a monarchy where wizards and psions hold significant influence and the various deities of the Pantheon of Vorus are worshipped. The East Quarter of the city, mirroring the nation that controls it, is ruled by mages, and it features a large university known as the Ivory Tower where students from all over the island come to study magic.

On the west side lies Eccles, a theocracy devoted to Ecclesia which plays a central role in its government. Eccles features many churches like the Cathedral, the Church of the Three Saints and the Chapel of Saint Theris. Religion plays an important role in day to day life, which can lead to some tensions with the neighbours.

To the south lies the sea, but the southern part of the city known as the South Quarter is controlled by the ocean-based Silver Rain Republic, a merchant republic consisting of many islands and coastal cities. The Silverites worship the Spirits of Nature and tend to be quite superstitious, but they are crafty folk with sharp swords and sharp minds.

Amidst these three nations lies the Central Quarter that forms the heart of the city. Here, trade and cultural exchange are the norm, and despite the differences between the nations, the city has managed to remain stable and relatively peaceful to everyone's benefit.

But not all is good in the land. Factions on all sides are vying for power behind the scene, powerful monsters roam the land causing trouble and peace is not as stable as it appears at a glance. For those looking to make their fortune, this is an ideal environment to flourish, for with a little luck and bravery, anyone can become great - if they dare take the risk!

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