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Full Name Monarchy of Vorus
Government Form Mageocratic Monarchy
State Religion Pantheon of Vorus
Successor States South Vorus, North Vorus
Succession Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture
Flag Parted per fess argent and gules, a crown or.
:Eccles :Silver Rain Republic :North Vorus :South Vorus

See also the rules for Culture

Vorus is a former nation that fell into civil war after a succession dispute between brothers Thadius Turdy and Reginald Turdy. After a peace treaty was signed, the nation was split up into South Vorus and North Vorus

While still in existance, Vorus lay primarily on the mainland, its holdings on Urt - now part of South Vorus being somewhat more humble in size. The nation was a Mageocratic Monarchy, meaning it was led by a council of mages and psions, with a royal family as official heads of state.