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The Globe Music Hall

Location The Globe Music Hall
Description Auditorium for the Preforming Arts Owned by brad
Part of east_quarter
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The Globe Theater, Also knows as The Bards Hall, Is a performance hall for the City of Duirt. Just opening, The Globe boasts a tavern with a Music hall attached to it. It is owned by Brad, A bard that has recently arrived in Durit. Offering nightly shows to the people of the city and Private ones for the upper class, if Requested. The Tavern has rooms Available, for traveling bards to stay in with no charge, On the stipulation they play at the Globe during their stay. They also do not serve wine. They serve ale and hard liquor. Brad himself perform's occasionally, when ever mood strikes him.

The Auditorium has recently been entirely remodelled. The acoustics are nothing short of perfect, Designed by Gimble. (This gives +2 to Performance checks while playing here). And has seats for dozens of patrons downstairs with private booths for upstairs. The Tavern area has a few tables, for people to wait and enjoy a drink before the performance, Even a meal if they wish. A large fireplace almost covers a while wall and a hearth nicely carved with Gnomes, Humans Elves, Even Half Orcs playing Musical Instriments together. Seeming to Promote Music knows no Race.

Drinks at The Globe are Ale, Hard Liqueur. Recently added is Wine, Hard Cider.



OOCly, if a Bard is intrested in playing, Please feel free to ask Brad! He is more than willing to take adutions for new Talent! :)