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Ruined Church

Location Ruined Church
Description Ruined church in the Old Forest
Part of Old Forest
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The Ruined Church was originally a church of Ecclesia, but it was abandoned when the general area was conquered by Vorus long ago. Out in the forest, the building was left untended and fell into disrepair, collapsing its roof and some parts of the upper walls. The churchyard surrounding it has had its tombstones overgrown with mosses and the only road leading up to it has also been overgrown, its stones uplifted by tree roots.

The Ruined Church originally contained magic intended to contain a demon, but it was never used so the magic was recently re-appropriated by the Druids to capture X'r'vum, a corrupted spirit that was plaguing the city. The Ruined Church is now an area generally avoided by all, as dark events tend to happen to those who get too close.

After some attempts were made by Ecclesian nuns to restore the church, it was burned down by Vorans, narrowly avoiding a forest fire.