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Reginald Turdy

Reginald Turdy
Full Name King Reginald Turdy
Gender & Race Male Human
Sovereign King of South Vorus ruling from the new capital city of Windamere
Age 32 Height 5'9" Weight 169 lbs

[ Notable Characters in Novus Utum, Vorus ]

After the death of his Father; King Raithul Turdy the 3rd, a group of nobles and heroes from the outlying cities came up with a way for the paternal twins to rule the nation of Vorus. While originally sharing the throne and power for the better of the Kingdom with his brother Thadius Turdy, the two fell out and engaged in a civil war against one another, where Reginald sided with the Southern Voran nobles on the mainland.

After a peace was signed, Reginald became the sole ruler of South Vorus, which he rules from the capital city of Windamere