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[ Notable Characters in Novus Utum ]

«This young man stands around 6 and a half feet tall, well defined lean dragon backed muscle (str:24) platinum or white gold skin that has a healthy look to it with dark thicker scales that run along his body even down the long dragon tail he's recently grown. The scales have grown in number of late as well as growing more rigid. Lines of what looks like firey ice can be seen on his shoulders and ribs. Other then that, he has the young healthy vigor of a god's shape if they appeared as a late teen (Con: 18). There is a bit of grace to his movements though that is far overshadowed by his other physical traits (Dex: 12). He's confident, and attractive in a predatory way (Cha: 12). His platinum eyes are filled with passion and something else that is hard to tell for most races. His dark hair is short and stylishly messy and if someone touches it, feels like silk but is thick and strong as it flows along his scalp. His fingers are tipped by long thin but strong draconic claws. His clothing is nicely made and as the weather warms there seems to be less and less of it. Though still within not getting arrested amounts. And the only jewelry he wears is a beautifully made torc around his neck that is in the shape of a dragon. Some tattoos have been added recently, glowing and shifting along scale and skin.»