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Lailaniel Elwyn

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Lailaniel Elwyn
Full Name Lady Lailaniel Elwyn
Gender & Race Female Elven
Wife to faerom_elwyn.
Age 445 Height 4'11" Weight 105 lbs

Lady Lailaniel breaks from the Elwyn family traditions and is more often found amongst the trees, claiming to speak with spirits and meet fae creatures, aligning herself more with the Druids. This has left her estranged with her husband, Faerom Elwyn and the family in general, though the recent return of Ovorien Elwyn, her husbands half-brother, whos son she saved and who she taught some of the Druidic ways, may help rekindle some of the old relationship. Though currently cordial with her husband, the issue of the spirits of nature and their worship remains a potential breaking point between her and the family.


Faerom Elwyn


Cilron Elwyn

Grand Children

Gabryellah Elwyn

Arwin Underbrough-Elwyn

Keldor Elwyn

Great Grand children

Zoe Turner

Faranth (Hinan Elwyn)