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Keldor Elwyn

[ People ]

Keldor is a fair elf, with pale features that give off a slightly blueish tent to them. His features are chiseled and well defined with a long scar running the right side of his face. He has long silvery white hair that lays across his shoulders and down to his finely sculpted chest. If you look close enough there is a tribal tattoo on his right hand that runs up the length of his well muscled forearm, and the dragon constellation with a golden dragon haloed around the constellation. He's wearing chain mail over black satin shirt, black leather pants that fit over well defined muscled hips and legs. Strapped to his hip is a nice bastard sword sheathed in a nice leather sheath.

Culture: Voran


Left Pectoral

Right hand to forearm


Melya Tathvaul


Gimble Shorthalt


Maress Elwyn (Bashuk)



Reputation by factions


Status: 0 Fame: 0 Infamy: 0

Silver Rain Republic

Status: 0 Fame: 0 Infamy: 0


Status: 0 Fame: 0 Infamy: 0