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Ivory Tower

Location Ivory Tower
Description Large Tower where the East Quarter officials meet, with jasmine tobacco and poppies planted all around its base.
Part of east_quarter
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The Ivory Tower is the primary meeting place for the East Quarter leaders, in particular the Ivory Tower Council, though it is often that the local South Voran noble families meet there as well. Thus it is here that law and policy for this part of the city, and a lot of South Urt is made.

This 90 foot tall tower made; rumour says, of solid ivory has no front door, being instead surrounded by planters of jasmine tabacco and poppey. Those wishing entry either teleport inside or fly to the roof and gain entry this way, making governmental aid literally unavailable to those without magic. All mages in South Vorus visit the Ivory Tower for their government affairs and many receive training here.

When a Sorcerer/Wizard or Psion is around 5 and start displaying powers the Red Robes will be sent out to give the parents a purse of gold; usually 400 gold and take the child to the Tower where they will be trained. At 16 they are set free into the world after ensuring they have proper training. Sometimes it is possible the Tower might miss someone or they may have been born in a non South Vorus Nation and then would be trained by a rogue agent not associated with the Tower. No non-Voran citizen may enter the Ivory Tower without special disposition from someone with Political power to do so. As the tower remains the Seat of Power for Urt.