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House Elwyn

Faction Type Noble House
Nation South Vorus
Leader Marquise Faerom Elwyn
Motto "Look Forward, Look Back"
Weapon Parted per bend sinister purpure and or, horse rampant argent.
General Alignment True Neutral
Power Base Magic, Forestry, Farming

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House Elwyn controls the Marquisate of Elwyn. It is an ancient elven house that has been in the region for many centuries and that holds a marquisette outside the city. They follow an ancient magical tradition of their own, different from the South Vorus standards, though they seem to have integrated well into the culture. Rumour has it they speak with their dead ancestors in catacombs below their Estate. Their lands include the Old Forest, which lies less than a days walk from the city and that supplies most of the cities wood. House Elwyn hates the Silver Rain Republic, and their worshipping of spirits, with a passion, feeling they are barbaric and contra-productive.

House Elwyn has been in conflict with the creatures of the Old Forest over this domain, and they blame the Silver Rain Republic - they're not entirely wrong.

The head of the house, Marquise Faerom Elwyn is said to be Machiavellian, reserved and fair.

Marquise Faerom Elwyn House lord.

Lailaniel Elwyn Wife to Faerom Elwyn.

Cilron Elwyn Son to Faerom Elwyn.

Aireya Elwyn Wife to Cilron Elwyn

Ovorien Elwyn Half brother to Faerom Elwyn on his mother's side.

Gabryellah Elwyn Daughter to Cilron. Gabryellah, or Gabby as she's know is a bit of a recluse, she is considered to be aloof, cool and cold to those who meet her. She shuns the city as much as possible, preferring to spend her time on the wind in her red kite form.