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Judge Heggir

Full Name Judge Heggir
Gender & Race Male Human
Judge for the Central Quarter.
Age 72 Height 5'8" Weight 160 lbs

[ Laws, Notable Characters in Novus Utum ]

Judge Heggir is the only Judge presiding in the Central Quarter, dealing with crimes and punishment there. He has held the position for the past 20 years and is generally well respected and trusted and his judgments are said to be wise, but firm.

The Judge generally does not take kindly to those who are unemployed or who live off the charity of others, and vagabonds and beggars may expect to be sentenced more harshly than craftsmen for example. As a notable exception to regular rule of law, the Judge also dislikes nobles, especially when they fight out their disagreements in the central quarter with other nobles.

Judge Heggir ordered the execution of a member of House Xueris some 15 years ago after he killed an innocent and upstanding woodworker and his wife and son in a case of mistaken identity. House Xueris and the Judge have not seen eye to eye since.

After the brutal murder of his youngest daughter, the judge has gotten a lot more stern in his actions, calling for law changes and getting them making the Summoning of Infernal Creatures and Possessing items of Infernal influence as a death sentence and has publicly executed a number of people.

In recent days after criticism about the many death penalties, Judge Heggir has begun sending criminals to the Stone Quarry for some Hard Labor instead of executions or jail time. The Judge has also begun supporting the Nobles of other countries to seek a lasting peace.