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Grand Square

Location Grand Square
Description Large square where many students of magic live and party with statues surrounded by garland and posies flowers
Part of east_quarter
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The Grand Square is one of the largest open area's in the city, featuring various statues of notable people around its edges, each with garland and posies planted around it. It is most notable for the many-floored houses that border it, many of which offer housing for students of magic.

True to its inhabitants, the Grand Square is a rowdy, loud place where a lot of parties happen and music can be heard most of the day. Many of the statues have been defaced by a drunk student at one point or another. Having been restored to a glorious vision of when the city was first established by House Ferency. Marble fountains and lovely marble mosaic tiles line the ground with imported Dwarven architecture making the square one of the modern wonders of the city. Lovely shops and buildings line the streets of architectural splendor and design. At night the square is a beautiful beacon from the sky lighting up the city as a gift from House Ferency to remind the people of its continued generosity.

Food is nearly always readily available, fresh meat are cooked out in the open in huge grilling pans, the spices of the city all seem to end up here.