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First Church of Shami

Location First Church of Shami
Description Home in the East Quarter owned by Mehitabel Wazo converted to a Church for Shami.
Part of east_quarter
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Temples, yes…

Shrines? Plenty of those.

Churches? As for as the Voran went there was only one church, and perhaps it was the impish impulses of Shami that lent to having one built in the East Quarter. For those that had been abused or violated in one manner or another; for those that wished to be released from the yoke of servitude and for those that need the sussurant of succor, there is the First Church.

It is a humble thing compared to the towering fortress of the Three Saints and laughable to the Church of Saint Molina; for the most part it is a simple small home that has been converted to serve its purpose. The dozen worshipers that work under the owner of said establishment tend to the daily duties of maintaining the building proper cleaning the altar after sacrifices have been made, tending to those in need and making sure there are no troublemakers afoot.

There's a barracks for those without a place to rest their head or seeking asylum, a small kitchen for meals, a bathroom and an office of a sort where donations, if any, are kept.