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Endora Lithera

[ People ]

Culture: vorus

Religion: Temperia

Faction: None

Level: 2 Character

Strength: 10 Charisma: 12

Website Link: Endora

Long thick light brown hair with a touch of red highlights that reach down the back side of her body, which is ample and statuesque shape. Her skin is a creamie white that can be seen with her style of dress she wears. She wears a big round brim hat to keep the sun off of her as she likes to study out side in the Necropolis, when she isn't in the Ivory Tower.

Race: Skeleton Name: Tom

Endora in class built Tom from bones she had gathered. Then as a test in her class of Nercomancing she managed to make Tom her servent. He is dressed from head to toe in armor and a cloak so no one can see what he is. She has a permit for the skeleton