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The following is considered Common Knowledge for anyone that has gone to the Library and visited the Museum. Please post all rolls HERE before you use this knowledge In Character.

The World was in peace and prosperity until the time of King Dunder Darkmoore; approximately 1000 years ago. Dunder was not the most stable of people in the best of times. When his daughter; Princess Zarana Darkmoore, was 16 he was convinced she was a product of infidelity from the Captain of his guard and the Queen. In a fit of rage he had the Captain and his closest supporters hanged, when his advisers spoke out he had them beheaded.

The King's Arcanist, Yannia Yris, foreseeing disaster entombed the Princess in a Blue Crystal Coffin to keep her in suspended animation. Yannia then fled the city as Dunder sealed the city and the King released a lethal poison gas that killed everyone. With the capital sealed and everyone dead the empire quickly fractured.

This began the 3rd age of Duirt with no orders from the King the city of Duirt continued to grow as a busy Port City. A Sorceress used a Lyre of Building and constructed the Ivory Tower. The country of Vorus was then formed and quickly moved to secure Duirt in its span of influence. Over the next nine hundred years two more nations moved in to try to claim Duirt. This is now the current situation, Duirt is under rule of Three Nations; Vorus, The Silver Rain Republic and Holy Theocracy of Ecclesia ore commonly known as Eccles.

The Following requires a Knowledge History roll DC: 20 or Bardic Knowledge of 20:

This began the 2nd age of Duirt's growth. A family of powerful Arcanists took an interest in Duirt and began to form a power base. Over the next half century the Family provided a large army to Duirt and established themselves as a Royal Family; House Darkmoore had been formed.

With the only large army in the area House Darkmoore swiftly moved across the land claiming Towns and Cities like a great fire sweeping across the land. In under a century they had claimed nearly all of Urt and what would become the country of Vorus. In this time Duirt had become a very important city and was made Capital of the Empire. House Darkmoore moved the seat of power into a nearby mountain and established a city inside it. After this it did not take long for House Darkmoore to claim the rest of the world in skilled negotiations. In just under two centuries Novus Utum's first Empire was formed.

The Royal family hired a group of skilled Arcanist and Psions to forge The Crown Jewels; literally a Crown, Scepter, Ring and Amulet, this would allow only a blood member of House Darkmoore to Rule. This helped them control the farthest reaches of the Empire.

The Following requires a Knowledge History roll DC: 25 or Bardic Knowledge of 25:

This is the First Age of Duirt's History. Long, long ago Duirt was a small Hamlet called: Windamore. Windamore was a simple little farming hamlet then with a tiny port for local fishing. The mayor back then made a pack with a Spirit (an honest to goodness Spirit of Nature) to provide the city with fertile lands and bountiful crops; in return he would surrender his first born child into the Priesthood for this Spirit. When his daughter was born and of age he attempted to break the pact and tried to hide her away. The Spirit was angry and cursed the very land to not produce crops for three centuries.

In this way the hamlet got the name: Duirt (the U is silent). Needless to say the Mayor was lynched for his crimes. Duirt survived this period in becoming a fishing village. By the end of the three centuries Duirt had become a large Town and a busy Port city.