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Cilron Elwyn

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Cilron Elwyn
Full Name Sir Cilron Elwyn
Gender & Race Male Elven
Son to the Lord of house_elwyn.
Age 367 Height 5'6" Weight 140 lbs

Cilron is the second son to Faerom Elwyn and has 3 children of his own. Cilron is known for his prowess of the hunt. His tactical skills go unmatched which has put him in the position of Augur to the house guards. He can often be seen patrolling the Elwyn lands with his guards to keep the forest as natural and safe for their people. Cilron is known as a kind and gentle man with a great love for his family. He often helps his father by delegating duties through out the Marquisate as well as their own guards.


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Grand children

Zoe Turner

Faranth (Hinan Elwyn)