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Caden Sydell

[ People ]

«His hair cut close to the scalp on the left side, but the top and right side have been grown long enough to reach down to the top of his chest. Multiple colors stream across like a soft but wild rainbow. A rogue like smile that seems to promise fun, and maybe a little bit of bad fun is usually present, mirroring that same look in his mismatched eyes. The right eye is a whiteish blue, while the left is Green. So much about him seems mismatched, even his clothing which is usually a nicely made entertainers outfit of various colors which depend upon the mood he was in before playing. He's of average height and normal weight for a human, but all the color help him to be seen easier even in a group. There are a small number of necklaces that swing as merrily as he dances. Never far from his instruments even if singing is his best performance so far. He's young and while he's learned a lot at the bard college in the Main Silverite college there is far more he is eager to learn.»