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Bianca Charline

Bianca Charline
Full Name Arch Magus Bianca Charline
Gender & Race Female Appears Human
Arch Magus of the Ivory Tower, Often looks to be a young human woman.
Age Appears 25 Height 4'6" Weight 81 lbs

[ Notable Characters in Novus Utum ]

Nearly nothing is known about Arch-Magus Bianca Charline, for so long as the city had made the Ivory Tower there has been whisper that Bianca was there laying the foundation stone, so to speak. No one sees the Arch-Magus; the Mage Council reports to her; the Psion Council reports to her, through proxy. She then passes down orders as needed.

Her chamber is sealed; or so it is said, and no one goes in or out. Some whisper if the Arch-Magus is even in there much less alive. As no one has seen her, no one knows what she looks like. She is whispered to be over a thousand years old and is widely spread to be the most powerful person on Urt.

Most recently Arch-Magus Bianca Charline has been making public appearances speaking directly to the Councils and even Adventurers when needed, taking a more forceful; hands on approach to ruling. No one knows truly why she has chose to do this, though many believe it is to show she is not a myth and certainly not dead.

In her meetings with the Councils and others she appears as a young human woman, nowhere near the age rumors state her to be. Is she taking youth potions? Perhaps she is an Immortal; many whisper? No one knows for certain, but they know now she is real and alive and she is taking an active hand in issues.

Since the end of the Voran Civil War, Bianca Charline has advocated her position and went to become Royal Adviser to the King of South Vorus.