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 ====== Aireya Elwyn ====== ====== Aireya Elwyn ======
 [ [[People]], [[House Elwyn]] ] [ [[People]], [[House Elwyn]] ]
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 Height: 4'​7"​ Height: 4'​7"​
 Weight: 98 lbs Weight: 98 lbs
-Faction*: ​Voran+Faction*: ​House Elwyn, South Vorus
 NPC Groups*: Vorus NPC Groups*: Vorus
 </​data>​ </​data>​
 +Lady Aireya is [[Cilron Elwyn]] wife and high Priestess of the Thinker Raya-Thu. Her mystic abilities bring her people to her for advice, understanding,​ or comfort in times of need. She spent a great deal of time training her children in the ways of their people but gave them the option of becoming their own person. She is regal in presence and can be a bit intimidating upon first meeting her. When [[Gabryellah Elwyn]] brought home a wayward child and adopted him she had her reservations on the matter. But the longer she watched young [[Faranth (Hinan Elwyn)]] grow and develop the more she saw his potential. Soon she took her grand child under wing, encouraging his abilities, obtaining a teacher to help him develop his abilities and even gave council when he needed it. She spent much time helping her daughter cultivate him into the young adult he is today, forming a bond with him that she relishes having and keeps him under her wing even to this day.
 +[[ic: Gabryellah Elwyn]]
 +[[ic: Arwin Underbrough-Elwyn]]
 +[[ic: Keldor Elwyn]]
 +**Grand children**
 +[[ic: Zoe Turner]]
 +[[ic: Faranth (Hinan Elwyn)]]