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Rahl Zolrander

[ People ]

«Always wearing just his Red and Black Velvet Robes, black Silk pants, and black padded slippers to match, his body was riddled with tattoos, all looking to be runes dedicated to Raya-Thu, Shami and Wsary that were circled around a Tower. »

Location rahl_zolrander_s_tower
Description Tower with a Hedge Maze around it over looking the Ocean and Harbor.
Part of south_quarter
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The Tower was near the Beach that overlooked the Ocean and the incoming Ships into harbor, The tower was seen far and wide, it being four stories tall, with very swing out shutters, and the top floor had shuttered windows. The Roof held a Statue of Raya Thuu, The Thinker, Shami, The Trickster and Wsary, The Creator. But when you finally came up to the Tower, it was no longer the tower that took your eyes, but a Large Hedge Maze that lead to the tower, there was a map at the beginning, seeming to be bolted in, showing you how to get through the maze, as well as places with in the maze to rest, each spot had a Gazebo.

There are many people(Thrall and Believers) there, maintaining the area about, as well helping visitors who needed guidance through the maze, as well offering drinks and food for their visit.

Once you reach the Tower, you were greeted by the great door, that seemed to have been built quiet big for moving large works in and out, inside was were you saw works of art, from paintings, to sculptures and repurposed monster parts, that form into another form of art. The stairs leading to the upper floor was blocked off and seemed to be private access only. All around were places to sit down on benches or chairs with tables to set drinks down, and bins for plates and cups*

There were over 40 paintings around the Tower, Each Painting on the walls of tower represented many events, which are for sell and half the proceeds go to the city for repairs for damaged building and roads caused by these battles, as well to feed those that are in need specially the Maze . 1)

Psion Powers & Thrall Herd

Level 8 Thrall: Travyn Quikwocket

  • 20 1st lvl Believers
  • 2 2nd lvl Believers
  • 1 3rd lvl Believer

* Psionic Powers:

* Level 1: Astral Construct,  Psionic Minor Creation, Far Hand, Control Flames, Psionic Grease.
* Level 2: Psionic Levitate, Psionic Repair Damage, Psionic Identify, Feat Leech.
* Level 3: Mindlink, Telekinetic Force, Greater Conceal Amorpha, Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Dispel Psionics.
* Level 4: Telekinetic Maneuver, Psionic Fabricate, Correspond, Psionic Dimension Door.  
coming soon once I am able locate information on Addies and scenes that were sketched and painted by Rahl