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Katrina Frost

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Katrina is 2'11in tall with green eyes and a rather impish grin as if she is planning the next practical joke on someone. She's a daredevil and will basically do anything for a dare. Her favorite stunt is escaping from restraints and she has honed her skills to a point where she is very good at it However, she is a firm believer in 'safety first' so that she has a good chance of survival even though the stunt is death defying. (Currently, if she takes 20, she gets a +40 to escape from rope restraints)

Katrina was born into the Tenderfoot noble family, the youngest of three children, but even from early on would rather be engaging in activities with her brothers rather than learning to be a proper noble lady. She'd rather be out seeing the world rather than being cooped up with other ladies learning things like needlecraft. So she managed to scandalise the entire family by running away to join Rockfall's Travelling Circus. This action led her to being initially cut off from the family, including not receiving her stipend, but she didn't really care as she was determined to make her own way in the world.

The circus didn't know she was noble born when she joined up as she said her name was Selena Snow with the stage name of 'Slippery Selena' or 'Courageous Crysta'. She didn't really care what she would be doing, just as long as it allowed her to travel. She was however fascinated by the escape artist and the young Katrina begged to learn the tricks. At first he refused but she persisted. Finally he said that he's teach her but she would have to escape from the ropes he put her into. Katrina accepted the challenge and, even though she was asked several times if she wanted to quit, refused to give up. She finally worked her way out after six hours. Impressed by her refusal to give up and her calmness, she was taken on as an apprentice. Also in the circus, she did high-wire balancing, trapeze, acrobatics, hair hanging, and, on occasions, an illusionist's assistant and knife throwing target. Also mucking out the stables, cleaning, and whatever menial tasks she was given.

kat.jpgDuring her time in the circus, she had two really close friends, a gnome named Sansa, who had a way with animals (druidess), and a halfling sized elf, named Anya (sorceress), who was the aformentioned illusionist. They spent a lot of time together and were inseparable. They were so close as friends that their relationship turned into a threeway tryst. Kat did confess her background to her two friends/lovers but it didn't matter by then. Her family was now the circus. Anya and Katrina assisted each other in their respective acts, and also teamed up with Sansa for multi animal acts, such as the elephant parade.

Finally, after many months, the show returned to her home town and by now, she was the poster girl, having mastered several dangerous stunts. She didn't think her family wanted anything to do with her anymore so she didn't even try to contact them. Imagine her surprise when nearly all the Tenderfoots attended opening night. However, she put on a brave face (even though she was really nervous) as the show must go on and wowed the crowd with her stunts culminating in a rather dangerous looking underwater escape.

succubis-kat.jpg After the show, her parents came to see her and told her that she could come home if she wanted. They had even held her back stipend in trust in case she had given up and come home. But she hadn't and they were proud of that. After thinking about it for a long while, as it was a very hard decision, she finally accepted, and returned home. She did leave the travelling circus a going away present though - the entire back stipend, which had grown into a rather tidy sum of gold.

Still, she didn't stop being the performer. The Tenderfoots saw her as an asset on diplomatic missions and on one such mission she was swept off her feet by the charms of Floom Frost and finally decided to marry. The couple now run the Frost Roadhouse and have three children - triplets (see below). They also have two dogs and a cat which Katrina claimed followed her home one night. (She actually found the abandoned kitten). She does sometimes miss her days in the circus and wonders how Anya and Sansa are getting on. Recently, she attended their wedding.

She's also a phenominal breath holder and her record for staying underwater on one breath is six minutes. (She has the Expert Swimmer feat) and recently met someone who can match her, much to her surprise and delight.

It is sometimes speculated there is fae in her background, probably nixie. But is it possible that there is a touch of an aquatic entity in there, being the halfling equivalent of an Aventi?

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Floom Frost


  • Rani Angelica Frost (girl) - seems to be following in her mother's footsteps as an aquatic performer and escape artist - even at a very young age. Blondish hair, green eyes.
  • Bess Prilla Frost (girl) - likes helping out in the garden and drawing. Rani's co-conspirator but makes sure she stays safe. Potential druid. Mousy brown hair, green eyes. Started her training with the druids.
  • Milo Deene Frost (boy) - quiet and studious child. Takes more after his father. Could be a potential psionist/arcanist. Very protective of both sisters. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Currently an apprentice magus/psionicist in the Tower.

All three of them are developing minor psionic powers - mostly being able to sense each other's emotions, and sending and receiving basic concepts over telepathy.


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