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Dumas Naikl

[ People ]

Culture: Voran

Religion: Wutysa

Faction: house_naikl

Level: 9 Character

Natural Strength: 20 Psi Enhanced Strength: 24 Charisma: 10

Website Link: Dumas

The only first and only son from Sir Augustine Bryce Naikl II and his first wife Lady (Daughter of House Demha). Dumas wasn't spoiled, as he was trained the ways of being a noble of House Naikl and as he grew. It shown he would be a powerfull man, so his father had him trained as a warrior. As he grew, his friendship with Alcina Faye grew also, as she was the daughter to his father's best friend. When they were in their teens he had a small relationship with her, till she became his aid and it became more like brother and sister. Faye later was adopted by Dumas's father.

Dumas as he was before he died was a flirt, joked alot, but stern when the need came. He was also quick to anger and also loved to prove himself as a warrior, specialy to his god Wutysa the slayer. This maybe why he was killed by a female dire bear, as he was out hunting with a halfing woman named Calphina.

Dumas as a half orc is now a bit level headed. He will think before acting, but will still protect his family and others. But knows when to run if the need must happen. Due to this he has found love not by Lady Primrose, but by a bard by the name of Selena and is engaged to wed, by the blessing of his father. Guess it is good to be the first born and not marry a female noble.

Last every one knows Dumas was last a half orc, due to druid magics, but now he is a human once more and no one knows how this came to be. With trimmed reddish hair and a beard to match. He is still as tall as he was when he was a half orc, just a rugged sexy red haired bad temper beast of a man. Will he be as he once was the stern first son, or the level headed warrior, or will this version be something far different. Only time will tell…

Note: He doesn't look like the same Dumas he was once. This new human face looks different, younger.

His armor and silver Bastard sword.

Slight noble look when not watching to dress up fully. The basic common look he will wear. Unless it is hot and he is wearing his kilt.

“Baby” A Master worked Large Bastard Sword.


NPC: Sir Augustine Bryce NaikI II (Father), Lady Janette Alicea Demha-Naikl (Mother/Deceased),

Wife: Lady Durina Naikl

Adopted sister: Lady Alcina Faye-Naikl

Half siblings: Sir Vlademar, Sir Tean

Cousins: Lady Leona, Lady Emery, Lady Shandra

In Laws: Arch Battle Mage Lady Elaith Faye-Naikl (Mother in Law)

Other Family: Lady Cecily of House Demha - Aunt


Second in command: Lady Alicina