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Calrisa D'voe

Calrisa D'Voe
Full Name Calrisa D'Voe
Gender & Race Female Human
Age 24 Height 5'4" Weight 110lbs

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She wasn't that old, nor was she that tall. Petite in all ways, but stunning in beauty, Calrisa has an ability to remain out of the combat unless she desperately wants to be a part of it. She's tiny, miniature, but over 5' tall. Her long dark blonde hair and brown eyes give her a rather fae look to her. Perhaps she has fae blood. A skullery maid by the way she dressed, homespun clothing, fingers that are worked hard and used to that kind of work. She habitually wears a shirt that's a little too big for her, a jacket over the top of that and skirts that are volumous but just above the ankle. Her bodice that holds the shirt in place is lightly embroidered with dolphins and waves in a simple stitch that merely accentuates the homespun look to her. When she speaks there's a very soft lisp to her and a glint of gold from the small metal bar she'd had inserted into her tongue. She has a habit at times of catching it on her front two teeth and running the ball around all of them from time to time.

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