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Post « Elias » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:26 pm

At 20:30 this evening, a giant block of pure light came into being fifty feet above the Maze. An elfin woman and a human man were well lit for a short time, illuminated, and bright, for anyone who might want to look out of their window to see what the devil was going on, for several seconds, close to half of a minute. Everyone could see the pained, irritated, and very bright expressions on their faces. Everyone, be that for good or ill. Then it was gone, the elf woman vanishing from sight rapidly and the male stood over her protectively. Before they were joined by a third person and then a fourth. The identities of those on the rooftop are still unknown as yet. Perhaps they will remain that way for a while.

Worst of all? The Music. The horrible, horrible music. It emanated from the glowing block of light, pounding, thumping, smashing, letting the beat drop. It was EDM, rave music, as played by someone with absolutely no ranks in Performance. And it was LOUD. It was heard from Market Street. It was seen from the Tower. It was a brief but incredibly bright illumination.

Fortunately, it only lasted a few seconds, just long enough for hearty adventurers to get out the door before ending as abruptly as it began.
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