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Tean, mood posts, fiction

Tean, mood posts, fiction

Post « Tean Naikl » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:08 pm

A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Tean hadn't slept. It'd been too long since he'd been able to just sit quietly in the darkness and watch the world do nothing. His left leg was stretched out before him as he sat on the rampart of the wall, his back braced against the upright buttress, his right was bent at the knee and he rested his right fore arm on the knee. His boots were laced up, good leather boots into which were grey coarse trousers. On his top half there was a coarse shirt, it was good enough to lounge about in as he watched the lights of the city slowly go out as people went to bed. Over that and hidden away from sight was a simple leather tunic that kept the worst of the wind out. Over that was his breastplate and over that, Tean being a lover of fur, was a great fur wrap, held in place by a battle harness that had his sword strapped to the back of it. At his left hip and ready for easy draw was a long dagger, more of a short sword really that he loved and had owned since childhood. Stinger he preferred to call it, a brutal slashing weapon with a sudden angled edge that went straight to a point.

Tean just watched, this was his spot and he didn't care who was on duty, all he wanted to do this night was sit and watch the lights go out in his city. One by one they did. Leaving only the stars in the immense deep black carpet of night above them. Constellations of the open dragon wings spanned above him. Just off from that was the belt of Damusk. The sword belt that held the sword of the great goddess herself. It was her tool which she used to sever the line of life between body and soul. And just along from that just coming into view was the Eagles splendour. He smiled and considered what was going on around him. He could hear them moving below, he leaned slightly to watch as a patrol went out, another was just riding in. He watched the riders changing and dismounting, their points of spears and metal of their trappings glinting in the firelight of the watch fires. He chuckled, considered calling down to them and asking how quiet the world was, but no matter. It was of no consequence to him. His head lifted, Tean's eyes stared across the rooftops once more. Tean's hair was long, it ran down his back in brown black ripples and rats tails, there were a few plaits in it with a small selection of hollowed stones and they clacked slightly. His beard was trimmed and neat, he hated it being too long, but couldn't bear to be without it. The same went for his moustache. The top of his hair was as always tied, well the bit from his eyes up was tied up into a looped topknot. The rest of it hung long around his shoulders in complete contrast to that of his brothers. Or it had been. It had been an odd few months. Dumas being killed so suddenly had shocked him to the core, but at least he'd died in battle and was guaranteed a place in the halls of the slain among his foes who had died well in battle. He sighed softly and picked off a bit of the fluff that had been stuck in a brass stud, frowning heavily. That was until Dumas had been restored to them, well, as a half-orc. His jaw clenched at the strangeness of it all.

Speak of the devil, there he was. Dumas the brave, the powerful stronger big brother that he idolized. Tean took a breath, letting it go slowly again and calmer. He was such a contrast yet again to his other brother Vladimir. He was sharp, keen as the blade he loved so much and so earnest in his following of death. No, it would be a while yet before he was finally called home to rest. And there went his other brother Vladimir, for a moment he considered dropping the pebble he had in his left hand down onto the head of his brother, the idea had it's appeal.. He nearly laughed at the thought of it, but something stopped him, ahh, Calphina. Vladimir's girl. He gave his brother credit for that, she was a beautiful woman. He set the pebble back down on the pile he'd made and continued to watch silently. Their voices were too far away to hear clearly what was being spoken about, but he could still hear their deep tones.

Tean's head lifted and he rested it against the wall that he was leaning against with another heavy sigh, his lips curling in a wry almost smile. He was home, he was happy, he was able to enjoy life to the full. As long as he kept out of the reach of Vladimir's claws. His left hand rose slowly to stroke his temple where the scar was. Pale, a few lines that followed from his brow around the shape of his skull to demarcate and accentuate his face. He'd nearly lost his eye, he could partly remember the moment when it had happened, or at least he'd remembered the stars that he'd seen from where he lay sprawled on his side. He also remembered coming up to his feet an instant later in a wild coherent rage. Determined to slash his brothers face in reply, but the guards had gotten in the way and it'd been stopped. Blood had streamed down Tean's face from the cut and although it'd been tended to, he'd refused to have it healed by a cleric. The scar would stand and serve as a reminder to them both of how tempers can be. His hand lowered and he half closed his half elven eyes, they were able to see so much more than human eyes did in this light. He loved this time of night, the sky being so clear was refreshing to him and the breeze that blew in from the sea was fresh and chill, it made his breath mist in the air before him. For a moment all he did was breath slowly watching the steady flow of mist break from his face. Then he puffed out sharp short blasts, watching the differing breaths pass out. He was amused as he did so, and curious. He held his hand up to cup his breath, the sniffed it and smirked, then looked down at the goings on from below. His sister had joined the small grouping of siblings, her body swelling slowly from the child that her husband had gotten in her belly. A child, the first of the new generation.

So many memories pushed gently through his mind, children at play though brought a sour one. That boy, the one who had been fooling around with the others in the arena sprang to mind unbidden and he could see his face, he could taste his breath on his cheek still when in moments like this he chose to. He'd gotten up close, drew Stinger into his hand and then thrust it into the boys chest, speaking to him softly as he did so. What had made him speak to the boy about gripping his sword tightly, to take it with him and hold onto the faith that Tean held so close he had no idea, but he'd done it, speaking softly. “Look at me, look at me when you breath your last.” He'd whispered those words out softly. Only to find out when the body had slipped down onto the arena sands and the mask removed, that he'd killed a boy younger than himself.

Tean made an exasperated sound as he shook his head free of the memory, his blue grey eyes glinting in his angular face as he shifted from the wall and made his way through the shadows to the room he shared with his wife. Moving silently as he could to not disturb her he removed his battle harness, his clothing and slowly crept in behind her. One hand snaked around her to draw her warmth in tightly, smirking as she wriggled against his cold touch, the other slipping under her head to keep her close. He kissed her shoulder, then closed his eyes and tucked up quietly he soon fell into a peaceful sleep.
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Tean Naikl

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Young Gods

Tean woke slowly in the room that was undoubtedly still his in the Naikl manor, the only down side of his being a Lieutenant in the house guard was that he had to get up at times of the night that he'd usually be asleep. Or that he'd normally be rolling into bed. He stretched and sprawled as he tried to wriggle in deeper to the warm cover. The weight of the blankets and fur however was jerked crudely away from him, letting the cold air into bathe across his skin making him frown and curl up a bit reflexively until a cough of amusement made him open his eyes dourly and lift his head a bit to look and see where it came from. Oh joy, that's my father. The thought rose in his head even as he squinted at the form that stood to the side of the bed and began to reach for his ankle to drag him.

“Get up Tean.” the voice crooned darkly. Then Tean was indeed hauled out of his bed unceremoniously by his ankle. Tean struggled a bit knowing in the back of his mind that it wasn't going to help him, but at least he put up the effort. The other ankle was grasped in an iron grip and the hauling was complete. He found himself hitting the fur covered floor boards in the darkness and being dragged even as he yelped and tried to find away to save himself from whatever dark fate his father had in store for him. Lord Augstine Bryce Naikl the Second was amused, and for all his age was also far stronger from years of battle practise and working hard. He did however release his youngest son's legs and turn to stand over him.

“You are a Lieutenant in the house guard now boy. You can either get up on time, or expect me to wake you up like this until you learn to do it yourself.” He smirked, and anyone watching would see just where Tean got that smirk from. His father stood over him with his arms folded regarding his youngest, that smirk got worse and for once Tean got a taste of his own medicine and he hated it. His eyes narrowed to angry slits as he got to his feet, his anger up but whatever was said was broken off at the germination of it by his father.

“Dressed. Or be on the parade ground naked. I care not which you choose, but it's cold there and you'd not want the guard to see just how young you are.” His eyes lowered with a twinkle of irritating mischief, making Tean want to pick up something and hurl it at that smirking face. Instead Tean turned and grabbed a shirt as he pulled it on hurriedly and seethed inwardly. “Make yourself presentable boy, or it'll go the worse for you later. I can always add a double stag for you to break you in.” There was that tone, You're in the army now Tean, get used to it. You're finally in my control.

He dressed quickly, the chill in the air making moving the better option, and ran down the first two flights of stairs, the third he didn't bother. He just grabbed the corner post and vaulted over the railing to land, bending his knee's as he did so and then began to run again. By the time he was out on the parade ground he realised he'd just been played and let out a howl of anger. Only to be greeted by laughter, then his father was there, clasping him in his hands and embracing him. He whispered softly into his son's ear.

“Unless you want every morning to be like that, be on the square before Dumas Tean, if you don't..” He let that threat hang in the air as he stepped back. Looking his youngest child up and down and clapping his hands on Tean's upper arms again.

“Good. Good! You'll do boy, you'll do.” He nodded his approval and for the first time since he'd stood on the carpet of his fathers study and asked for permission to court Evonnia, he noted true pride in his fathers eyes. It made his eyes narrow just that little bit more, before he too began to smile and nodded, standing and holding himself upright and with honour.

They stand in the shadows with holed out shoes.
They got everything to gain and nothing to lose.
They're strong hearts alive.
They got stars in their eyes.
They come from the towns of worn out streets.
Where all the tribes dance to all the different beats.
But they're all the same.
Same spirits with a different name.
The young gods.

You gotta stand up and be counted
Cause you gotta make your own way

So stand up and fight for your life.
No surrender and no compromise.
When desire is burning your eyes.
You've got to stand Up.
Stand up and fight for your life.
Young Gods.
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Post « Tean Naikl » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:59 pm

He had drunk himself to sleep the night she hadn’t come home. The fight they had was worse than any fight they’d had in the past. Things were said by the pair of them, things that were not necessarily good for either of them to say. Things that hurt, words were weapons and in this case they were lethal and keen edged. He had stared long and hard at the door prior to her coming home, then when the hours grew later and the time wore thin on him he’d woken a maid, gotten dressed and gone to find his wife. All the usual places had no joy for him, all the unusual places had seen no sign either and with dread replacing anger, he had begun to hunt in earnest starting again from the first place he could think of. Over the weeks, he’d continued to hunt and search, slowly coming used the fact that she had indeed gone.

Finally, he’d buried his mind in the pain of loss and pushed all those away who tried to comfort him. Carry on regardless became his mantra, “by any means” a family motto that now meant more to him than at any other point in his life. He began to spend time on his children when he wasn’t on duty as a guard, when he wasn’t taking some time to himself to try and ease his mind from the hurt of it all. He had bonded with his children perhaps more than any other Naikl might have with their off spring.

His little piece of heaven had turned to dark. But slowly the sun was rising once again. Slowly he was coming out of it, he didn’t drink himself into a stupor as often as he had in the past few months. Therefore he hadn’t needed to be woken up with a bucket of water thrown over him to try and sober him off and Tean hadn’t jumped to his feet and stotted his head off the hanging candelabra in weeks. Tean had even begun to take an interest in something else, something that he hadn’t been doing for a while. He had resumed his training in martial arts and he had even managed to arrange for a new instructor and what was more, he was enjoying building the relationship with his twins, Brida and Ragnar.

Slowly he was piecing his life back together. Slowly.
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Tean Naikl

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Post « Tean Naikl » Fri May 04, 2018 10:59 am

He settled back into the work that he carried out every day. In the morning he rose from his bed every morning, then went in to check on the children, one of the wetnurses had progressed to nanny, she was worth keeping around as the children trusted her. Tean nodded to her questions about what his plans were. "Have them ready for mid morning, I'll have them riding by the afternoon."

He bent to kiss the pair of them and smiled, then went to go and make a start on the units paperwork, this was a bit he hated personally, all that paperwork of who was doing what, things needed.. he sighed and shook his head, then sat down and got on with it. Periodically he would go and look out the window of the tower, leaning against the stone frame work in a pair of buckskin breeches and if the weather was hot - no shirt, if it was clear he didn't need one on. Tean was made of lean muscle. He wasn't a heavy puncher like Dumas, he was agile, swift with his half elven heritage.

When the paperwork was done, invariably, Tean threw on a shirt in the good weather and his boots, sitting on the bed to do so, then he strapped on at least one blade before he hid another in his boot and made his way down to the stables to begin working there. This was where he felt free, doing nothing in particular but taking horses out of their boxes, checking them over with a thorough grooming before leading them to their paddocks and setting them free in there. He didn't really need a headcollar, he simply put a rope around the horses neck and they went with him. All the while he spoke to them, silly things, nonsense words that if anyone over heard meant nothing, but in Tean's head he was preparing himself for the day ahead. Speaking softly around the large animals gave him the calm time he needed to focus and consider the facts before jumping in. In truth, he loved his life.

When the horses were turned out he began to muck out, soon stripping off the shirt and tucking it into the back of his trousers as he used a pitch fork to fork out the dirty bedding and lay down fresh. Wheel barrows were moved to muck heaps with muscles that defined his frame. That black dragon tattoo on his shoulder shining in the sun. His hair was always tied back. It was a mess of straight and curled hair, the odd plait in place if he felt that was necessary.

Some days were better than others. When it all went right, Tean normally took his children to the sand school and got them used to the momentum of the horse, he'd been doing this with them since they were born, riding with a newborn on his arm first, or in a sling around his chest. Now they were both comfortable with sitting on the small ponies he'd gotten from them and being led around. They were turning into good riders he nodded to himself, teaching the way the horse master had taught him from such a tender age of three. His children would be just as proficient as he was.

Then to the training ground for another gruelling session with Wu Mai learning blocks, perfecting his technique, he always gave those classes his all. By the time he came back he was ready for a bath, a meal, and to sit down in the window and read for a bit. Spending time watching his children playing. Tean was a father, but he was also practical.

Those were his good days... His bad days had Tean suddenly drop off a cliff. He would decide quite suddenly that he was taking two personal days. He would go to the local taverns, in the full knowledge that he was being ghosted by a couple of the Naikl guard to make sure the young noble didn't get in any serious trouble that he couldn't talk himself out of. He would tavern hop, a drink or two then on to another, ending up from time to time at the Red House, or if the weather was good, he'd come back and grab a pack with a few things in and a bottle or three... and he'd end up on Naikl land staying at an old ruined tower as he put his mind back together.
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The fact he had died bothered him only a little. It was the memory though. His brother said that dying was quick. Like the snuffing out of a light, but this time Tean knew about it. He felt that pain and the agony of the blade sinking into his flesh and severing his nerves and tendons. He'd tried, that was all he kept in his head. That he'd tried. The irritating squeaking of the rats had been so fluent in his ears, and that cackle of the Rat King, the one that had picked him up and threatened to take him off to feed the rats.

He'd woken up in the middle of the night screaming from it. It had woken and frightened his kids. He woke up the morning after with the worst headache and a foul mood brewing. The nurse who kept an eye on the kids had gotten the brunt of it. Sourly Tean had gone down to begin the gruelling hours of training that would be the punishment he'd meet from dying. Six and a half hours later, he had finally managed to get away from it. Soaked to the skin and sunburned. The clash of steel had given him the opportunity to rail against the anger that brewed, it'd burnt him out so much that finally he'd been unable to even more his arms anymore. The graceful coordination of his fighting skill had gone to pot. It meant though that the afternoon was now his to do with as he chose. He chose to sneak out off the estate and go find a drink. Some place to sit and consider things. In the end he'd found a secluded spot in the park under a tree and watch the sun on the water and it's constant shifting lights.

At some point he must've fallen asleep, the sound of the music lulling him down into the deep relaxation that he sought. He felt different. He felt... Changed. Like something had just begun to break through from something deep inside him. He drew in a deep breath and frowned. Staring up at the dapples of the leaves on the tree above him. The tickle on his cheek was a leaf from the willow he was under. He got up and wandered down the side of the river.. Frowning as he picked up pebbles along the way to skim them across the water. It was funny how things got to you, creeping up when you least expected it.

Good To You
By Now
Letting the Cables Sleep
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Up at the crack of sparrows fart
The night before..

There were the parts of the night he could remember, then there were the parts he couldn't the parts that were elusive as fingertips on his skin. Ghosts of memories that would bring a smile to his lips. He woke up during the early hours and laid there simply enjoying that memory. Two figures twisting together, two shadows combining to become one. The salt in kisses, the way his heart had pounded, the way his body would hurt come the morning was something he was relishing.

The Red Strokes
Bonfire Heart

He awoke, his body ached like he'd just done ten rounds with his brother, unarmed and with no protection. He groaned and closed his eyes, just not moving for the time being. He knew full well it was morning, he knew full well it was going to be a long day as soon as he drew in the next breath. His shoulders ached abominably, his fingers felt tight. Just about every part of him was aching. But he smirked anyhow. The grin couldn't help itself. He'd been sleepless for the past two nights and the strenuous activity the day before had banished that sleepless state. It was funny how just being so tired you couldn't think straight would encourage one of the longest stretches of sleep the half elf had experienced helped. It had meant he didn't or at least, he wasn't aware of the dreams that might have pillaged his brain. He drew in another breath and opened his eyes again then let them adjust naturally from the darkness of sleep and looked around at the carnage. The drapes from the four poster bed, well, one was off completely. Another hung half off. He began to smirk more, it turning into a full blown grin before he could stop himself. He lifted his head and looked around further, one hand moving slowly to rub his brow with amusement, the chuckle began before he could stop it, ending in an thoroughly amused groan again. Even his ribs hurt. With a deep sigh he slowly began to peel himself off the bed sheets. His muscles protested, well of course they would. He managed to swing his legs down and tested the floor and his legs with their ability to take his weight. Then silently padded across the floor stark as the day he was born to take a hot bath to start the day off.

Yep, that stung too. He hissed like a cat as he got into it and quickly washed enough to get clean. He missed the length of his hair, he could feel that blank space on the back of his neck as he tied the remaining inches that was just above his shoulders into a knot, which only accentuated the fact he'd shaved the back of his head to match the sides. He ran his hands around them and nodded in satisfaction before he glanced at the mirror and examined it, yep.. he was happy. Then he was out, moving around the round room at the top of the North Tower of the Naikl Estate. Gathering trousers and shirt, his boots... Then after getting dressed as quickly as his body would allow him he made his way down the stairs to go out and get to the stables. It left his bed companion alone but he was absolutely sure she'd be okay with that.

And with that, stepping out into the vibrant sunshine he squinted at it balefully then made his way down to the stables to begin his duties. One day off he was sure he'd be allowed, but two would be a stretch of his father's patience and that of his senior officer Dumas.

It was hard work, it was laborious and kept his mind functioning which was why the young Lord did it instead of just allowing the stable boys to get on with it. First thing was to go and get all the feed bowls. It was about five in the morning, give or take a few minutes. Each horse whickered softly as they greeted him and he made sure to pat each one. Then back with a wooden barrow filled with the feed bowls, the feeds were dumped over the side of each stable, then he went to go collect the tools he would need to use to fork straw and horse droppings into the barrow. His body continued to protest, stiff and uncomfortable at first but slowly it began to loosen up.

By the time the sun was fully up, Tean Naikl had done the best part of twenty horses. Turning out each one so he could work in their box, then turned them out into fields or into the horse walker.

Then, he was gone. Heading back out of the stables, back to the tower and back to bed. His once upon a time white shirt stained pink with sweat. Back to quietly tidying up the mess that was his bedroom.

She's so mean
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A childhood.

Tean was a precocious child, difficult to pin down to his studies unless he wanted to. Soon his masters had learned it was best to bend with the boy. To answer his questions and there were always questions.

"Why is the sky so blue?" He would suddenly ask as he stared out the window when his eyes should've been in the books. "Why do the clouds hang so in the still sky? Why can't we reach up and touch them? What makes them dark at times when others they are grey or white?"

The clerics who were instructed to look after the young Naikl always grimaced at such questions. "Because Aex made them that way.. to make you ask exactly what you just did." Came the answer. That made Tean turn and look at his latest tutor. "You know nothing." He finally declared, then refused to work at all. All of which would earn him hiding after hiding from either his father, or one of the house guards for his impudence. It all resolved Tean to simply find out for himself.

Soon though, his father would find other ways to instruct his firebrand of a son. Letting him move around the room seemed to enable the boy, letting him pick a strange tune from the lute as his considered things about maths, about reading, about books. Soon enough the young boy would decide for himself where his talents lay. Tean's talents were his endless questions. "Why... " always had to lead to an answer, which meant more tutors. Tutors that could keep up with his thoughts, with the way his mind leapt from one subject to another. Instead of one tutor in the room as there had been when he was four, soon led to having three or four tutors present while he asked question after question. They learned to let him figure out the answers through discussions. They learned to feed his curiosity by allowing him to work with things, working with models of bridges. Working with models and constructs enabled him to decide that maths was important in figuring out a payload that would not break the bridge he was working with. He liked to make models, he liked to use small matchstick like bits of wood to create a new invention, a new tower, a seige engine that could pivot on one point within the base. He was sent to explore windmills, to go and look under bridges and draw the keystones, to learn how to use materials around him.

Yes, Tean Naikl was a strange, fae child. Perhaps that was why his mother was so proud of him, if not a little scared. But most importantly, Tean Naikl - quick to temper, fast to anger and even faster to send into fits of laughter at the sheer delight of it all. Tean Naikl became learned.
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He began early, doing the usual jobs. The horses were fed, they were mucked out and then groomed. A whisp of straw was sufficient for the most part, but at times a brush was required when the animal was filthy. He picked out their feet, checking them over as he did so and writing on a ledger when they needed to be worked on by the farrier. He was finding himself particularly fond of his new mount the black stallion. He turned that into the sand school and put the others out into fields. When he was done turning out he went over to the stallion and just watched it moving about. First it wandered, sniffing the ground and catching scents. Then it paced, walking quickly before trotting and tossing it's head. He chuckled, leaning on the top rail as he watched with his arms resting along it but folded so he could put his chin down. He must've been stood like that for quite some time before he roused himself enough to go and find a bridle that might fit it. It was time to start breaking the animal in. He set the bridle on a hook before he ducked under the middle rail, then stepped out onto the sand. Speaking softly, a rope in hand. The horse was calm to lead but he knew that pushing it too hard too soon would be detrimental. So he began by leading it gently into the round pen at the farthest end. Closing the door he turned and ignored the animal. Once more letting it adapt to it's surrounds. Then he moved into the centre, or just abouts and swung the rope in a spin, clicking his tongue as he did. The stallion didn't know what to make of that so it did what all horses do. It ran away from the strange spinning thing. Tean launched the rope to send it on in a canter, enjoying the spectacle of the muscles moving, the conformation of the creature. Then he watched for the signals. Each time the animal slowed, he read the signs then sent the animal on again. It was only when the horse began to twitch it's ear towards him and then started to lower it's head that he turned his back. The horse confused at first didn't quite know what to do. It stood watching him. Tean could feel the eyes of the stallion on his back. It wasn't quite ready he decided so he sent it on again. This time in the other direction. The round pen gave the animal no where to actually go, so running it round and round served the purpose of enabling it to run as it desired, but keeping it close at hand. He watched again, the rope in his hand always being used to send the creature forwards. The ear twitched again, then the lowering of it's head before finally it began to lick and chew in a display of "I'm not dangerous. I'm only a horse." That was the sign Tean looked for, it worked much to the scoffing of the far more experienced hands that worked the estate's stables. He turned his back on it again, coiling the rope and looking down at his hands as he did. The wrong move at the wrong moment could have the black rising up onto it's hind legs, dangerous hooves pawing the air in a display of dominance, but this time he felt the animal coming closer, curious as to what was coming next from the strange half elf.

Tean didn't move when he felt the air on the back of his neck and head moved by the breath. He glanced down and looked when the horse's nose touched his shoulder, then his hand sniffing it. It was that point, the point of asking he called it. Tean began to wander around the pen, just listening as he did, the animal began to follow him. Herd beasts did that. It was reflex, but they had to be ready for it. He smiled, turning to face the animal finally. One hand moving to its neck and shoulder. Whispering softly as he did. Then slowly, with the rope halter in his hand he began to put the halter all over the horse's body, another amount of adaptation before finally he moved back into the horses head area. Then the halter was going up onto the horses face, he took his time bitting the horse, the rope going in with it's soft mouth to give the horse time to adapt. At first there was a fuss, nothing major, just a bit of uncertainty. Tean kept talking to the animal, kept working with his movements. Every time the horse moved away, Tean did too. The horse began to follow him. Within two hours, he had it broken in to bridle. Now was the timeless moment he enjoyed more. He put the ropes in his left hand and his hand on the horses mane. He didn't use a step to stand on, he was agile and lean. Tean simply began by vaulting half onto the horse's back to get it used to that sensation. All the while talking to it. Then the other side, more talking to it.

By the end of the day - Tean was riding the horse around the school rectangle, legs dangling down it's sides as it walked quickly but passively where he wanted it to go. He rode bareback. Feet touching to guide and turn with his weight moving just a fraction to guide it's balance. The reins were loosely held, the work was just beginning though. The horse was now safe to ride he decided. But by the end of the week, it would be safe for anyone to ride.
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